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The Duboř, Eastern Alanians, are only 28 people now! We have just suffered more three dissents today. The Ahlbařa resist with the last 28 members. THE NOBLE WARRIORWOMAN Nat of Marreigan will be the ULTIMATE tribal indigenous noble from Fiac Brasil to be recognized and awarded by the Ahlbařa. After that, the Ahlbařa will be dissolved, and the ethnicity Duboř officially cease to exist, leaving its members free to go at their way paths. I AM THE DUBORIAN EMPEROR, my folk will die, but my war, just when me myself fall in battle!

Nat of Marreigan (Nathie Rondan), the ULTIMATE by us. GREAT TRIBAL NOBLES WARRIORS at today times: Gustavo of Bramaigar (Gustavo Xamã), Rodrigo of Arsburat (Rodrigo Elutarck), Cynara of Sarsagar (Cinara Ferreira). THE FIAC MAY AWARD AND RECOGNIZE ITSELF THE NEW TRIBAL NOBLES FROM THEIR.

We hope that the Fiac Brasil may to honor our heritage, and preserve that is as a study, our language, it is the key to our memory, and everything that went so far. VERY MUCH THANK YOU FOR ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS from the Celtiberian-Alanians.

Kautahr Dořexi Peřenqai, mazaqei from Duborians.

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Ahlbařa – Royal Awarding & Consuetudinary Rights

We, from the ROYAL COUNCIL of the Duborians, understanding EASTERN AORSIAN ALANIANS, being with Greatest Speech, that THE FRANCO-IBERIAN ALANIAN COURT is, NOW AND FOR EVER, AWARDED how TRUE AVALIABLE Royal Court descendant and autonomous from the Duborian (Eastern Aorsian Alanian) Royal Court, and however, with the Consuetudinary Rights to give Nobles Titles and Nobles Honors, including EQUALITY, and may your IMPERIAL COUNTESS Cynara I of Sarsagar to give, to assign and to allocate any title or honor, at anyone, including themselves, including how QUEEN.


  • «Cinara Ferreira» as CYNARA I OF SARSAGAR, Imperial Countess (Maiqařama, Maicar, Tribal Countess, Royal Court Earl, Condessa Tribal), with powers of EQUALITY and KINGDOM. Şinahřa Dijann oh Xařbşahrgařa, on language duboř, Cinara I de Sarságar, on language brazilian.
said with great emotion, from city NOVA LIMA, and living there, State of MINAS GERAIS, Brazil.


FIAC – Franco-Iberian Alanian Court



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